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Сотрудники ЦФС на Ежегодной весенней конференции Центра культурсоциологии Йельского университета

29 и 30 апреля  в Центре культурсоциологии (рук. Дж. Александер) Йельского университета пройдет Ежегодная весенняя конференция. Темой этого года является "Communication and Culture: Transitive Explorations". В прошлом году в этой конференции принял участие Дмитрий Куракин, руководитель культурсоциологической исследовательской группы ЦФС. В этом году к участию в конференции приглашены другие сотрудники Центра.

Communication & Culture: Transitive Explorations

Friday, April 29 & Saturday, April 30

The conference will be held at the Center For Cultural Sociology at 8 Prospect Place, New Haven.


The 2011 CCS Spring Conference, Communication & Culture: Transitive Explorations, includes contributions from CCS Junior Fellows, as well as from Faculty Fellows Andreas Hess, Radim Marada, Dmitry Kurakin, Claudio Benzecry and Alexander Riley. Also participating are Marcel Founier, Gordon Lynch, Julia Rozanova and CCS Post-doctoral Fellow Andrea Voyer. We are pleased to welcome as participants graduate students from the State University of New York at Albany, Harvard University and our affiliated center The Cultural Sociology Research Group at the State University – Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. We are also welcoming graduate students from University of Michigan and Columbia University.

Contact Information

For information about the conference please contact the CCS Administrator Nadine Amalfi by e-mail (cultural dot sociology at yale dot edu) or phone, (203) 432-9855.

The banquet for conference participants will be at The Kitchen Table restaurant on Saturday, April 30


Conference Program

Friday, April 29th ~ 8 Prospect Place

8:45 ~ 9:15 Coffee


9:15 ~ 9:25 Opening Remarks, Philip Smith (Yale University)


9:25 ~ 10:15 Session I ~ Keynote Address

United Flight 93 and American Hero Myth, Alexander Riley (Bucknell University)


Shai Dromi (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


10:15 ~ 10:30 Break


10:30 ~ Noon Session II ~ Identity & Inequality

Chair: Carolyn Ly (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)

Managing Instability: Interpretations of Downward Mobility among African Americans from Middle Income Households, Jessica Welburn (Harvard University)


Paths They Take, Moves They Make: Understanding the Effects of Capital Accumulation Accelerators in the Lives of Lower-Income Black Undergraduates, Anthony Jack (Harvard University)


The Technology of Incorporation: Multicultural Discourse, Conflict and Community, Andrea Voyer (Yale University, CCS Post-Doctoral Fellow)


The Master of Disguise: Hidden Faces of Ageism in Older Adults’ Social Engagement, Julia Rozanova (The University of British Columbia)



Sorcha Brophy-Warren (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


Noon ~ 1:00 Lunch


1:00 ~ 2:30 Session III ~ Cultural Cocktails

Chair: Philip Smith (Yale University, CCS Director)

Quakers, Whaling And The Origins Of Capitalism: The Protestant Spirit? Nantucket-Style, Andreas Hess (University College Dublin, CCS Faculty Fellow)


Multicultural Cultures: A Challenge to the Politics of Recognition, Radim Marada (Masayrk University, CCS Faculty Fellow)


Pentecostal Priests and Three-chord Rockers: A Formal Approach to the Reproduction of Cultural Forms, Claudio Benzecry (University of Connecticut, CCS Faculty Fellow)



Jensen Sass (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


2:30 ~ 2:50 Coffee Break


2:50 ~ 4:00 Session IV ~ The Media

Chair: Maria Luengo (Yale University, CCS Visiting Fellow)


The Binary Structure of American News and the Cable Revolution, 1978-1983, Elizabeth Breese (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


In the Lions’ Den: Boundary Processes in Political Reporting, Matthias Revers (State University of New York at Albany)


Superficial to Semi-Polluted: Exploring the Shift in the Meaning of Videogames in Mainstream Media Coverage, Brian McKernan (State University of New York at Albany)



Tim Malacarne (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


4:00 ~ 6:30

Reception, 8 Prospect Place, Foyer


Saturday, April 30th ~ 8 Prospect Place


8:45 ~ 9:15 Coffee


9:15 ~ 10:45 Session V ~ The Sacred

Chair: Jonathan Roberge (University of Montreal)

Marcel Mauss’ travel in USA in 1926: A Turning Point (in cultural sociology)?, Marcel Fournier (University of Montreal)


Reassembling the Ambiguity of the Sacred: The Neglected Inconsistency in Durkheim’s Theory,  Dmitry Kurakin (State University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, CCS Faculty Fellow)


Dominant and subjugated sacred forms: Interpreting the Persistence of the Abuse and Neglect of Children in Irish Residential Schools Through the Twentieth-Century, Gordon Lynch (Birkbeck College, University of London)



Peter Meylahks (Centre for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg, Russia, CCS Postdoctoral Fellow)


10:45 ~ 11:00 Coffee Break


11:00 ~ 12:10 Session VI ~ Objects, Icons & Interpretations (Part I)

Chair: Jeffrey Alexander (Yale University, CCS Director)


Audience in vivo: A Study of Interactional Nature of Art and Processes of Audience Making, Nail Farkhatdinov (State University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow)


Vision as a Social Representation: Photographic Technology and its Impact on a Cultural Form of Visual Perception, Nataliya Komarova (State University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow)


Images We Do Not Remember: Historic Events Without Iconic Photographs, Julia Sonnevend (Colombia University, CCS Predoctoral Fellow)



Alison Gerber (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


12:10 ~ 1:15 Lunch


1:15 ~ 2:25 Session VII ~ Objects, Icons & Interpretations (Part 2)

Chair: Ron Eyerman (Yale University, CCS Director)


The Suffering of Symbols: Giotto Frescoes and Cultural Trauma, Mira Debs (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


Mishima Yukio and Iconic Consciousness, Yasushi Tanaka-Gutiez (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


Grave Digging and the Pick-Axe Catechism: Scientific ritual and re-enchantment in archaeological field work, Fiona Rose Greenland (University of Michigan)



Jin Su Joo (Yale University, CCS Predoctoral Fellow)


2:25 ~ 2:40 Coffee Break


2:40 ~ 4:10 Session VIII ~ Politics & Meaning

Chair: Christine Slaughter (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


Foxhunting and Ritual: Performing Opposition and the Re-imagination of National Identity, Sarah Egan (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


Blogging’s Party: An Analysis of the 2008 Election Cycle’s Political Nnews Media Field, Ian Sheinheit (State University of New York at Albany)


Political Criticism and the Power of Satire: The Transformation of Late-night Comedy on Television in the United States, Nickie Michaud Wilde (State University of New York at Albany)


Orthogonals of Warfare: Toward a New Civil-Military Relations Research Paradigm, Thomas Crosbie (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)



Inge Schmidt (Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow)


6:30 ~ 8:30 Banquet

The Kitchen Table

Conference participants only